Advanced Training for Health Professionals

Dear Health Professional,

The advanced FlorAlive training we offer will quickly enable you to assess clients and administer the correct flower essence formula, whether individual or custom blended.

Adding the FlorAlive modality to your practice can result in attracting new clients to your office and having more healing options for your existing clients.

The FlorAlive training program can require as little as two seminars to begin flower essence client assessments and administration. The goal is always to facilitate personal transformation. Our flower essences can help with a variety of situations, including stress, grief, relationships, abundance, and more.

The following documents will allow you to learn more about the FlorAlive Training program:

49 FlorAlive Test Flowers

FlorAlive Change Analyzer

Facial Images & Their Interpretation

Holographic Scanning Protocol

The FlorAlive® video training seminar is a two day workshop condensed into just under two hours. It contains a great deal of information on how to:

  • How to radically change (remove) limiting beliefs that hide in the unconscious minds of all our patients, and on,
  • How to match the specific flower frequencies needed to each individual patient.

Two methods are demonstrated which allow us to find a deep “match” between the indicated FlorAlive® Uncut Flower Frequency and the Individual Patient.

First, the technique of Holographic Scanning is taught which allows us to measure affinity of any product (e.g. flower frequencies,HERBS, nutrients, homeopathics, etc.) to an individual patient. This is done with the patient in a passive mode, and the patient cannot influence the outcome of the test which is a great benefit not possible with kinesiological, “O-ring” and similar testing.

Second, a specialized, simple applied kinesiology muscle test is demonstrated as it relates to validating a selection of remedy as it applies to the individual patient. This is an important addition to the field of “Energy Psychology”.

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Dr. Brent W. Davis