Episode 4: Great Awakening Help From Flower “Genie-Power”

Great Awakening EMPOWERMENT Tools
Great Awakening EMPOWERMENT Tools
Episode 4: Great Awakening Help From Flower "Genie-Power"

Dr. Davis, reading from Chapters 5&6 of The Floral Hand of God: Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Revealed,  describes the astonishing way in which he discovered the UNCUT Flower preparation method, now used in the production of FlorAlive® flower essences. The advantages of this evolutionary new process are compared to the traditional Bach flower essence preparation method that is widely employed by most flower essence producers. The implications and importance of this low technology but supremely efficient discovery are discussed.   Mysteriously, it offers the heartening possibility of improving the odds of finding one’s intended partner, and in general provides a more powerful approach to mind/body healing and the evolution of consciousness.

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