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by Dr. Brent W. Davis

Discover the power of Dr. Davis’
“liquid software for the mind” –
vibrational frequencies hidden within the moisture of flowers,
extracted into drops – that can
overwrite one’s limiting beliefs. In the purest way, the drops transmit to us “enlightened natural guidance” so that we can more easily achieve our fondest dreams and wishes.

The tale unfolds, chapter by chapter, telling the story of how great serendipity enabled an unlikely
fellow to make astonishing
discoveries one after another around the world – from the jungles of Peru to the outback of Australia.

In terms written for educated
individuals that do not have
advanced training in the sciences, the painstakingly researched central

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section of this book explains the quantum biology of how belief
precedes and precipitates what physically shows up in our life.

The book ends with a self-help rapid
reference that will guide you in
understanding how Dr. Davis’
discovery of UNCUT Flower
Essences can unlock your hidden potential and awaken a brighter future.

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